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Hiring a Professional

So you have a sliding glass door problem? Most of us work, and have very little interest in fixing things around the house that aren’t urgent. Even with my years of experience with doors, I’d rather sit on the coach over the weekend, eat chips, watch a game, play with the kids, swim, or quite honestly do anything but get out the toolbox and try to fix something.

This is probably why my wife has our local handyman, Jim, on speed dial. He gets a bigger Christmas bonus than I do. She says it’s because he does more around the house than me. Hmmm. Go figure. That’s why handyman and professional door services were invented right? 🙂

California and Florida
 Sliding Door Repairs

When it comes time that your patio sliding glass door needs service, consider a tune up. A tune up door service is something financially affordable for every home. It will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repairing your patio sliding glass door, and can be done in a short amount of time by a professional who does this for a living. We are trained and equipped with the right tools to perform a quick and efficient repair. Affordable pricing and peace of mind beats you having to rummage through the toolbox while trying to read a pdf how to guide and watch Youtube video on your phone while holding a screwdriver in the same hand and steadying the sliding glass door in the other. Already sounds like a nightmare huh?

Orange County Sliding Door Problems

We at Stuck Door try to provide as much information as possible for the DIY folks, and on this page we want to provide information and referrals for local professional handyman, as well as door and glass businesses who can quickly and painlessly resolve your sliding glass door problem almost immediately, for a very reasonable price.

Please check out our recommendations for patio sliding door repair companies. We have testimonials and direct contact with each of the companies we refer here. None of these are paid advertisements. These sliding door repair handymen will come to your home as professional dressed servicemen, perform a detailed and thorough job, clean up after themselves and always leave your home better than they found it. And you get a door that slides like new!

Inland Empire Sliding Door Solutions

I have personally dealt with the owners and technicians of Door Problems and Empire Sliding Doors. I highly recommend them if you are in either Orange County or California’s Inland Empire. If you have any comments or experiences with the businesses listed here, positive or negative, please leave your feedback here. We appreciate you considering these sliding glass door repair businesses for any door problems you may have.